The Contemporary genre is a rather raw form of dance that moves away form traditional rules, yet may borrow styles and poses from a wide variety of dance genres. This style portrays the world through the eyes of the dancer’s interpretation of the music.

Dance Pose Contemporary 01

This pose is suitable for a wide range of ages, although you will find that most contemporary dancers are in their teen. Feet are turned out. The front foot is on high releve (see dance terminology post) and both legs are bent. The back is arched, causing the arms, torso and front leg to form an S curve. Photograph this from behind and to the side of the dancer.

Contemporary 02

This pose can be done smiling at the camera, with the focus off camera of with a very serious face. All are very contemporary. Have the dancer go down on one knee with the other leg extended to the side and turned out. Fingers are extended and the elbows are bent until the upper arms are, or are very nearly parallel with the floor. This pose does not work with low cut costumes for obvious reasons, but is a great contemporary pose if the costume has a high neckline.

Dance Pose Contemporary 01

A fun pose that borrows from Jazz. Works well for younger dancers. One leg is crossed behind the other. Pop the heel up high on the back foot. Both legs are turned out. NEVER have the feet face inwards. Both knees are slightly bent. Arms are down and bent at apporximately 90 degrees at the elbows. Fingers splayed like this are known as ‘jazz hands.’ Big smile for Grandma.