Lighting a large white backdrop can be really tricky. Almost as tricky as keeping a large white floor clean when you’re shooting dance or gymnastics all day long. In fact, almost impossible. Let’s face it, these images often need a bit of editing or clean up to look great. But who wants to spend hours behind the computer editing possibly thousands of dance pics? Not me!

Have a look at this edit that I created to do most of the work for you. If you are starting with a good image, and doing your due dilegence to light the backdrop to the best of your ability, AND cleaning your vinyl floor from time to time, then this should shorten dance season by many hours for you.

I have co-op students come into my studio for 1.5 hours daily for 6 weeks. The kids come from the local high schools and are usually arts and media students. Over those 6 weeks, I train them to edit photos like dance images. Then, when the 6 weeks are up, I hire the best to continue on as employees at the studio. A good editor can deliver 40-60 images to me in under 2 hours. That’s pretty economical, even if you pay them well above minimum wage.

The other great thing about this edit is that it also works well with grey or black backgrounds. Not as great as the white, but still a worthy effort. Try it out for yourself.

The Artificial Intelligence Selection tool works great 95% of the time, but will miss a spot now and then. Sometimes you’ll want to fix that in the edit, and sometimes it won’t matter. Give this a try and see if it doesn’t make you smile. Let me know in the FB group.

Here is the video link: