Prior to any tumbling line, beam, uneven bars or vault, a gymnast always ‘Presents’ to the judges. When the routine is finished, they ‘Finish’ with the same pose.

Presentation and Finishing, or Present and Finish are very basic terms in the gym world. Photographers need to know what these poses look like.

Here is what you are looking for:

  • Legs together and straight
  • Shoulders streteched back as far as possible
  • Arms at approximately 45-60 degrees above the horizontal shoulder line.
  • Chest out
  • Palms facing outside or back with fingers stretched
  • Chin up slightly

Sometimes this pose is done on the toes, (usually in the presentation) and sometimes it can be flat footed. Mastering the presentation leads to other pleasing poses.

With this pose, one leg is crossed and the toe pointed and one arm is dropped to the horizontal. Simple, yet very much an effective gymnastics pose.