When posing for gymnastics, you can absolutely borrow poses from your go-to dance pose collection. It’s important to remember that gymnast will typically not show the kind of ‘turn out’ of the legs that dancer’s have. The feet will be more parallel. That said, everything else comes into play … the pointed toes, locked knees and joints free of hyper extension. (For those that may have forgotten, that’s when a joint bends past what is naturally straight. )

Great technique makes for awesome gymnastic pictures. BUT, it takes years and years of training to develop great technique. So, rather than focusing on pictures with advanced gymnastics technique, use simple, flattering poses with great expression.

The above pose works for everyone. Note the relaxed hand on the knee and the toe pointed from the ankle on down.

Another simple, classic pose. In this case the bent leg IS turned out slightly. This avoids an awkward look of the limb which you would otherwise get if the leg faced forwards.

This pose works well for all abilities. Note that the legs are parallel and not turned out. Another difference between gymnasts and dancers is the hand positioning. For the dancer, a soft rounded hand is desirable. For the gymnast, we want the shoulder stretched back as far as possible and the hands stretched as well. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Palms always face side or back.