When young children have not yet developed beautiful technique, sometimes we just need to pose them without any dance skills. Let the costume imply that it is a dance photo and shoot for beautiful expression that mom and grandma will love.

Some of the dance genres that very young children participate in are: Ballet and Tap, as well as any class that has the words ‘Kinder’ or ‘Tot’ in it. The younger the child, the more you will have to reach into your bag of generic tricks to come up with a great dance pose.

This is a beautiful pose that almost all children can do. Key word … Almost.

This pose can also be built upon, adding siblings or relatives or buddies.

Have the child lay on their belly facing 30 – 45 degrees away from the camera. Place their hands in a table position, and elbows on the floor. Knees are bent with feet crossed. Toes pointed if possible. If it’s a low cut costume, bring the elbows together so that the camera cannot ‘see’ down the top.

Generic Pose 02
Generic Pose 02ballet

Notice how the arm hides the bodice in the second image. The first image with this pose shows how it’s a great way to show the ‘taps’ on the shoes as well. Tap can sometimes be a challenge to pose, but this one works almost everytime and won’t tear up your flooring!

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