Let’s have a look at our first Jazz pose. This pose is suitable for kids from about age 7 and up.

Jazz 01

In this image you will notice that the legs are slightly turned out, but not too much. Always, make sure there is turn out. The feet should never face inwards, or be ‘pidgeon-toed.’

The dancer pops one hip out. Be careful that they don’t pop the hip backwards, which will cause them to have a sway back. Arms are up and out with ‘jazz hands.’ Jazz hands have all the fingers splayed and stretched.

Even though the arms are up, the shoulders are level and down, so that the dancer’s neck is visible. A common technique error here, especially with really young dancers is to raise the shoulders. This kind of gives the appearance of football gear, and the long line of the neck is lost. We always have to see the dancer’s beautiful long neck.

Jazz 01b

This variation of the pose has the dancer put one hand on the hip and one on the head. She is still putting the weight onto one hip, but now bends that support leg slightly and ‘pops’ the other toe onto a high ‘releve.’ (See the post on terminology for more about releve.)

Notice how from the knees down, both legs are parallel to one another. This creates one line. Dance is all about creating beautiful lines. Both feet are turned out. Shoulders are pressed down, even though one arm is still up.