Seriously though… what is Boutique Volume? I started using this phrase several years ago as a way to describe the relationship between a volume dance studio shoot and the time and effort that was required to photograph them properly to increase sales. Boutique Volume Photography combines the best of a volume set up and workflow with the artistic sports expertise and attention to detail that customers expect when dealing with a luxury brand.

The term caught on and is used by many photographers now who utilize this method.

I had purchased the domain name shortly after speaking at Sync in Florida back in February 2018. A teaching website has always been important to me, and initially I opened the website in May of 2020 strictly as a members only subscription site.

Fast foward about 8 months and it became apparent that not everyone with a membership actually used the membership, and participation could sometimes be hit and miss. In order to better utilize my time, and provide only the needed and wanted information to you, the client, I decided to switch the site into an e-course shoppe and mentoring website.

What you have landed on, is the transition from one to the other. Courses are being uploaded that will hopefully help many of you start up your boutique volume business with dance studios. I am also including my systems for running model programs; which are in essence, volume HS senior sessions, and my pop up wedding system. The latter is a whole new way to photograph weddings with reduced workflow, and higher profits.

Some of the things you can learn to do on this site will include:

  • Secure the contract with the studio/club owners.
  • Create jaw dropping marketing materials.
  • Create¬† step by step systems for specialty sessions.
  • Select equipment, lighting, floors, backdrops and props for maximum efficiency.
  • Set up quickly, pose beautifully and sell your images!
  • Compare sales systems and gear to find what works for you!
  • Create classes and events to keep your models engaged
  • Create a community presence through fundraising initiatives
  • Learn the system to consistently make thousands of dollars on weddings with a greatly reduced time commitment.
  • Put it all¬† together without having to hunt endlessly for info!

If any of this sounds like information that you could use, be sure to bookmark this page and watch as the courses, tutorials and resources are uploaded. Be sure to join the Facebook Page for community support and information.

And lastly … I want to give all the current members of the subscription site a huge shout out and THANK YOU! for having the faith in me to sign up with Boutique Volume. I sincerely hope that you have found the information and workshops posted to date useful in your photography business and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year!

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